Author: Ondřej Zeman,
Photo Michal Klajban / CC BY
Author: Zunicka

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Committees of LinStat'2020

Scientific Committee

Ivan Žežula (Slovakia) - Chair
Anthony C. Atkinson (UK)
Augustyn Markiewicz (Poland)
João Tiago Mexia (Portugal)
Simo Puntanen (Finland)
Dietrich von Rosen (Sweden)
Müjgan Tez (Turkey)
Götz Trenkler (Germany)
Roman Zmyślony (Poland)

Organizing Committee

Daniel Klein (Slovakia) - Chair
Katarzyna Filipiak (Poland)
Eva Fišerová (Czech Republic)
Andrej Gajdoš (Slovakia)
Martina Hančová (Slovakia)
Veronika Jurková (Slovakia)
Jolanta Pielaszkiewicz (Sweden)
Viktor Witkovský (Slovakia)

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